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Data science platform presented at international medical conference


The early-stage health technology company, Curiato, presented its first clinical poster at the Society of Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) virtual symposium in July 2020. This research presented by lead author Nicola Waters, PhD, RN, MSc, highlights Curiato’s findings from its initial trial conducted at Toronto Grace Health Centre (TGHC).

The research, funded by the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI), focused on the feasibility of a novel smart sensor platform for monitoring patients at risk of pressure injuries. This condition, which predominantly affects the elderly, comes with a burden of high human and financial costs. In North America, an estimated 60,000 people die from pressure injuries and their related complications annually. Interface pressure and skin microclimate have been identified as critical risk factors in their development.

"CABHI is proud to have supported Curiato through our Industry Innovation Partnership Program, which helps fund validations studies such as this one at Toronto Grace Health Centre, analyzing how AI-based sensor devices aid injury prevention and reduction," says Mel Barsky, Director, Business Development, CABHI. "We look forward to continuing our work with Curiato as they scale and grow through, in part, their participation this year in our Mentorship, Capital, and Continuation accelerator program with Berkeley SkyDeck."

Curiato’s smart surface platform comprises an array of sensors embedded within a thin, flexible surface that is placed underneath the bedsheets while covering the mattress. Sensors continuously gather data from the subject’s bedding surface in the form of interface pressure (mmHg), temperature (Celsius) and humidity (0-100% RH). In the 104-patient clinical study, sensor data was compared to head-to-toe nursing assessments. A comparative statistical analysis was conducted to validate the platform's accuracy and three patient insights: mobility, moisture, and temperature.

“Our data-centric smart surface platform has the potential to be a leap forward in non-invasive patient monitoring and clinical decision support,” explains Co-founder & CEO, Moazam Khan. “This research demonstrates our platform feasibility and validates patient insights, which are fundamental to pressure injuries. That’s a big deal. This milestone allows us now to move forward with our commercialization plans, including the deployment of a clinical decision support application for pressure injuries and expanding the platform through more insights and other clinical use cases.”

In the field of pressure injury prevention, using data science marks a significant advance. Despite the availability of international guidelines and societies, pressure injuries remain a silent epidemic impacting people and our healthcare system. At present, continuous monitoring of these conditions is currently not possible in most clinical settings.

Jake Tran, President & CEO of Toronto Grace Health Centre, discusses the hospital’s partnership with Curiato and the difference it has made with regards to the level of care provided at the hospital. “Through our partnership with Curiato, we have an opportunity to create a centre of excellence. We started with little [wound care] knowledge and today our staff are engaged in education for wound care and preventive measures. And it means from a systems perspective, the interaction between Curiato and us allows us to discharge our patients faster and drive a better quality of life for our patients.”

Curiato would like to express its gratitude and acknowledge the support it has received within the innovation ecosystem, including CABHI, University of Waterloo, Velocity Incubator, Communitech, OBIO, OCE, Berkeley Skydeck, Biomedical Zone, Ryerson University, St. Michael’s Hospital, CELS, NRC-Canada, Next Founders, MaRS, Accelerator Centre, St. Paul’s Greenhouse, H2i, and the Government of Ontario.

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